Recent Before & After Photos

Priceless Heirlooms Saved!

A customer in Sunnyvale who recently suffered a fire thought her heirloom valuables were damaged beyond repair, not so! Our firm is certified by the IICRC for ... READ MORE

Soot damaged contents? - No problem!

Our technicians were able to clean and restore a customer's contents following a fire in Sunnyvale. Our goal is to make your fire "like it never even happened"... READ MORE

Kitchen Tile Underlayment Water Damage

A kitchen in Cupertino, CA suffers from water damage to stone tile underlayment. It was necessary to remove the tile for subfloor drying.

Water Damage To Laminate Hardwood Flooring

A toilet overflow caused a flood in this San Jose, CA home, causing the laminate hardwood flooring to buckle. It was necessary to remove the damaged flooring t... READ MORE

What a mess - refrigerator water supply line leak

This customer suffered a pinhole leak in his refrigerator water supply line that he didn't discover for months until his floor started to come up.

Flood Damage Inside Home

During a heavy rainstorm, storm water carrying mud flooded this Los Gatos, CA home.

Burst Pipe - Water Damage

A leak in a pipe inside this wall in Mountain View, CA caused a great deal of hidden water damage to both the wall cavity and floor that we discovered once we o... READ MORE

Fire Debris Cleanup

Cleanup after a large apartment fire that affected 18 units in Campbell, CA. It created a lot of debris

Carpet Stain and Spotting Removal

Carpet cleaning for a rental property during a tenant-turnover.