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Winter is here!!

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Winter is here!! water came in from the light.

Here in the Bay area it seems the rains have arrived early this year!  While that is good news for the drought, it can mean bad news for property owners.  Just over the past weekend we received 6 calls for roof leak related water damage alone. 

In this example, flashing on the roof has failed causing water to leak into the ceiling cavity above the foyer.  When we performed a moisture inspection and found visible and hidden water damage in the foyer ceiling.  We recommend damage be handled in four steps:

  1. Apply a roof tarp to prevent water intrusion until roof repairs can be made
  2. Open affected ceiling and initiate drying
  3. Perform roof repairs and test repairs with foyer ceiling still open
  4. Close and repair foyer ceiling

If you should be so unlucky to have water intrusion this winter, we are here to help!  Give us a call to schedule your estimate.

Indoor Humidity!

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Indoor Humidity! Bathroom with mold from humidity.

With all the rain we've had this season, it's no wonder clients are calling SERVPRO of SW San Jose this winter about mold issues with their properties.  In this case, a tenant phoned her landlord complaining of mold growing on her contents being stored in her bedroom closet.

The landlord contacted SERVPRO of SW San Jose for a moisture inspection of the property.  When we inspected it we found no active water sources, but the humidity in the house measured around 74%.

To avoid mold issues, the EPA recommends you keep humidity levels below 60%, preferably between 30% - 50%. 

In the case of old homes that may not contain insulation in the walls, running a dehumidifier can go a long way as a temporarily measure to prevent mold. 

Check out the EPA website for more info:

Rain=Roof leaks

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rain=Roof leaks Check your roof before the rain starts.

With all the rain we've been experiencing in the San Francisco Bay Area it's no wonder the number of roof leak calls into our office has been skyrocketing.  Water damage can affect all family members, human or not. 

The roof in question was only a few years old, but the wind of the last storm was too much.  If you experience a roof leak, here are some suggestions about how to go about fixing it:

Step 1:  Stop the water.  Hire a roofing company to either fix the leak or to install a temporary roof tarp to keep more water from entering the structure.  If you suspect the water intrusion is gutter related, contact a gutter cleaning company.

Step 2:  Perform water remediation:  Open affected areas to perform drying and to prevent mold.  Install drying equipment and apply anti-microbial to discourage mold growth.  Caution:  If you are unsure about your property's lead paint or asbestos status, test first before any demolition.

Step 3:  Perform repairs to affected areas.  Always research your contractors make sure they hold valid licensing.


12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Vandalism!! Vandalized windows

One of our customers who is a property manager contacted us this week because he was dealing with some disgruntled tenants that abruptly moved out of one of his rental houses and trashed the place.  They allowed their pets to urinate on the floors without cleaning it up, wrote graffiti on the walls, and even broke out the front windows.

SERVPRO of SW San Jose provides emergency board-up and vandalism cleanup services.  We sent out a crew immediately to the home in order to board up the broken windows to keep out thieves and squatters.

The interior cleanup was very extensive, it required removing the most heavily affected flooring, then cleaning and sanitizing the subfloor. 

Once finished, our customer told us he was very pleased with the outcome and the quick turnaround time so that he could begin renting the property again.

CE Courser

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial CE Courser Mold growth in commercial structures.

Property Managers & Real Estate Agents:  Ever run into a mold problem at one of your properties?  Do you want to learn more about how to prevent a mold problem and how to handle one if it already exists?

Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry is a 3-hour CE course taught by SERVPRO and designed for Real Estate Professionals.  The purpose of this course is to educate Real Estate professionals on the real effects of mold growth in residential & commercial structures.  Mold growth requirements will be reviewed so the real estate professional can recognize potential mold dangers in real property.

SERVPRO gives CE classes about restoration every year. SERVPRO of SW San Jose can help Real Estate and Property Managers with mold or water damaged. 

Be save on Thanksgiving...

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Be save on Thanksgiving... Turkey Fryer Blazing Up

Did you know that there are about 4,300 Thanksgiving Day fires annually in the United States?   The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says Thanksgiving Day is the leading day for home cooking fires, with three times as many occurring on Thanksgiving as any other day of the year.  Cooking is often a relaxing and fun task that brings family and friends together, and it provides a great way to showcase your creativity and love of good food.   Safety in the kitchen is always important even more so when there is a lot of activity and people at home.

Here are some important tips on how you can prevent having to use the extinguisher in the first place:

  1. Stay in your kitchen when you are cooking on the stovetop so you can keep an eye on your food.
  2. Stay in the home when cooking your turkey and check on it frequently.
  3. Keep children away from the stove – at least 3 feet.
  4. Make sure kids and pets stay away from hot food or liquids.  The steam or splash from vegetables, gravy, or coffee can cause serious burns.
  5. Keep the floor clean so you don’t trip over any toys, purses, or bags.
  6. Keep knives out of the reach of children.
  7. Be sure electric cords from an electric knife, coffee maker, plate warmer, or mixer are not dangling off the counter within easy reach of a child.
  8. Do not leave candles burning in rooms where you cannot observe them and make sure the flame is at least 1’ away from any combustible item.
  9. Make sure your smoke alarms are working.  Test them by pushing the test button.

Chimney Fire

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Chimney Fire Chimney on fire clean out chimney ones a year.

Did you feel the chill in the air this past weekend?  For many of us, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a crackling fire to chase away the cold weather.  You’re sitting in your living room with your family enjoying the warm glow of the flames, and suddenly you hear a roaring noise.  It almost sounds like a jet plane is flying right over your home!  Huge amounts of dark smoke billow out of the top of your chimney – what is happening?!?

This is a scenario that plays out almost 25,000 times per year in the US:  Chimney Fires.  These fires can be very dramatic, or they may burn silently, but their silence holds no indication of the harm they may cause as they burn slowly at incredibly high temperatures.  Regardless of the type, all chimney fires can cause substantial damage and risk to you and your family.

So what causes chimney fires?  The build-up of creosote along the chimney lining walls can facilitate the start of a chimney fire. This build-up is caused by the unburned materials in the smoke accumulating along the chimney walls and creating a sticky substance that can easily catch fire. The smoke from the fire contains a substance similar to tar and when the temperatures within the chimney are below 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the substance will condense along the chimney surface. When the temperature drops below 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the substance turns into a dark, sticky substance that is also highly flammable.

The Good News:  Chimney fires are almost entirely preventable!

Chimney fires are a dangerous and serious problem to have, but the good news is that they are also almost entirely preventable.  You must be careful to only burn materials that are ready and meant to be burned.  For example, only use seasoned, dry wood, newspapers, and dry kindling.  Burning cardboard boxes, trash, or wrapping paper can cause the creation of excess creosote and put your home and family in danger.  While using the correct fuel is important, a chimney fire can still occur even after taking these precautions.  This is why annual chimney inspections and cleanings are a critical part of home maintenance.  Most creosote is removed during annual chimney cleaning performed by chimney sweeps.

A clean chimney reduces the risk of a fire; so before you strike the first match for a fire this winter, consider scheduling a chimney inspection and cleaning.   Some simple precautions can help you have a safe and happy winter season.

(Statistics Courtesy of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC))

Bathroom leak in Los Gatos, Ca

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Bathroom leak in Los Gatos, Ca Ceiling downstairs.

Working to help a customer in Los Gatos deal with a leaking wax ring from a toilet.  They saw a gradual widening of discoloration in a ring pattern in the vinyl up their upstairs bathroom - then one day this nasty spot appeared on their hallway ceiling below!  Luckily for them the amount of sewage was small and we were able to catch it in the initial stages.  We performed their water damage cleanup and sanitized the affected areas.

Customers often ask us if there is anything they can do to help prevent this type of damage.  The best advice in this instance would have been to investigate the vinyl discoloration in the upstairs bathroom at the very beginning.  Frequent inspections are often a good way to prevent leaks.

Kitchen Fire in San Jose, Ca

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kitchen Fire in San Jose, Ca Kitchen fire in San Jose, Ca

A fire started in San Jose apartment at 3:30 pm. San Jose fire dependent was call and so was the property insurances company Sate Farm. State Farm agent gave a call to SERVPRO of SW San Jose to go out and help their customer with a fire they had in San Jose, Ca. SERVPRO was there with in an hour to help broad up the place and do a little bit of clean up till the insurances adjuster want out to take a look at damaged. SERVPRO of SW San Jose will be taking care of this project from beginning to end. Customers are happy that they are only talking to one company that is going to take care of it all. SERVPRO of SW San Jose is here to  help with all the big and small project.   

A Discovery Store flood In Los Gatos

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage A Discovery Store flood In Los Gatos Stores ceiling on the floor

An office in Los Gatos, Ca flooded an downstairs store over the weekend. The store manager got to the store to see water coming down from the ceilling like rained. Store manager called SERVPRO of SW San Jose to come help them take care of the water. SERVPRO was there to help and dry up the upstairs and downstairs units. SERVPRO of SW San Jose also helped the upstairs tenants to move  to a different store till SERVPRO fixed the unit. SERVPRO of SW San Jose was called out on a Sunday, SERVPRO was out on a Sunday to help the store owner to set equipment and help clean up the mess. SERVPRO was there to help and take care of all the damaged that happen to the building. The owner was thrilled that we came in and helped in anything they needed help.